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FoilFlex Products Inc. © 2013  | PRIVACY POLICY

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If your customers are adventurers, they need a product that goes where they go. From the top of a rocky mountain to the bottom of a glass-bottom boat, the best way to transport your product from place to place is with stick packs. Stick packs are created to be small and convenient. With a slim shape and a durable material, your product can climb any mountain with ease. Stick packs offer you the same edge-to-edge printability as with clear packs and pouches, with added convenience. Along with convenience and visual appeal, these little packages use less material than other packaging options which makes for shorter run time and resources—better for your wallet and our planet!


Stick packs offer easy to use packaging of anything from vitamin supplements to energy additives for water.  This type of packaging also offers brand owners a way to package their product in a way that maximizes profits.  Consumers like the convenience, brand owners can charge more for their products and, because consumers use the products more regularly, repeat sales are higher.

Stick Packs and Bar Wrappers

Industries That Can Benefit from Stick Packs


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