FoilFlex Products Inc. © 2013  | PRIVACY POLICY

FoilFlex Products Inc. © 2013  | PRIVACY POLICY

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At FoilFlex our focus on our core skills and abilities allows us to offer a complex and complete product offering to our customers.  


Rather than look at a flexographic press and seeing it as a label press,  we focus on the flexibility that a flexographic press offers to produce everything from discount labels to bandaids, hot stamp foil to shrink sleeve labels.


This point of view has allowed us to be creative and develop new products offering a full range of packaging by leverging our skills and equipment rather than just a single type of packaging.


Innovation is what drives our business, it is what drives yours.  We operate in a business environment that is constantly changing.  Innovation keeps us fresh and able to grow as the landscape changes.




Your cost for packaging doesn't stop at the unit cost of the product you are buying.  


How much is your time worth?

What does downtime on your production lines cost you?

How much is it worth to get your product to market sooner and collect your payables earlier?  

How much is it worth to have your cash in your hands two, three or even four weeks earlier?


What does low total cost mean:  


Competitive unit prices.

Flexible volume discount pricing.

Flat rate plate charge.

Quick turn around.

Superior customer service.


Added together we know you will find that the savings you will see in your finished product will be lower when working with FoilFlex.



At the end of the day its about the relationships forged between with our customers.  Our customers view FoilFlex as  their printing department rather than their printing vendor.

We thrive on close relationships with our customers so we know what they need, how quickly they need it, and what the priorities are.


Our simple no nonsense pricing and operating methods keep things easy.   We are in the business of selling packaging, not color changes, art changes, art time, plate changes etc.


We pride ourselves on these customer relationships which inevitably end up with FoilFlex being the sole provider for the packaging we produce.




Seems obvious, if you don't get a label, shrink sleeve or sachet to put on your product you can't get it to market and take advantage of the opportunities your customers have provided you.  If you dont get your packaging quickly, or you miss the shipment the order is cancelled.  


At FoilFlex our focus is on fast turn around with high quality.  We know the time constraints our customers operate under and are always there to get your job done, on the time line you need.  


What most consider a rush, we think of as business as usual. What they consider impossible, we see as a way to help our customers meet the demands of the marketplace.  


Our normal turn around from art to packaging is measured in days not in weeks or months.

FoilFlex Strategy