FoilFlex Products Inc. © 2013  | PRIVACY POLICY

FoilFlex Products Inc. © 2013  | PRIVACY POLICY

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A growing problem in the consumer products market is the diversion of legitimate products outside the authorized distribution chain.  


Diversion, also known as grey market diversion, erodes the equity of the brand you have worked so hard to build. This impacts your authorized distribution from manufacturing to consumer sales and can have a negative effect on the perception consumers have of your brand.


FoilFlex Track and Trace programs are designed to fit your products, your manufacturing environment and distribution networks to seamlessly fit into your distribution chain. Unique identification of your products gives you the ability to quickly and accurately pinpoint the diversion point and shut it down. Most of our customers combine a marketing campaign with our Track and Trace programs to publically demonstrate how serious they are about protecting the brand and protecting their network of distributors and end users. 


Many of the programs we have implemented include end user loyalty portals bringing the consumer into the picture as part of the solution. This allows you to track products all the way to the end user while simultaneously gathering valuable information.


Have your marketing team take advantage of this strategy by incorporating social media and promotions to grow your end user community.


We’ve created a strategy to ensure that you and your company don’t have to worry about counterfeit threats. Using unique identifiers for your products, covert and overt coding, and embedded codes in primary labeling, your products will be safe, secure, reliable, and trusted by consumers everywhere.

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