FoilFlex Products Inc. © 2013  | PRIVACY POLICY

FoilFlex Products Inc. © 2013  | PRIVACY POLICY

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High Quality, Consistant Product Run to Run, Reliable Delivery.

Pets are a very important part of our lives.


Though “man’s best friend” can’t appreciate the packaging of their food and necessities, you’ll want to know that the product you are purchasing for your noble companion is fresh, reliable, and consistent time and time again.


You want your products to last, to resist moisture, and to maintain the eye-catching attention of consumers looking for a product like yours. With different methods for preserving your products, remarkable knowledge of metallic substrates, holography, multiple colors and tactile enhancements we can help you move your product off the shelf and into the homes of pet lovers.

Packaging for Pet and Vet Applications


Packaging Types

For Pet and Vet Applications

Made with Pride in the United States