FoilFlex Products Inc. © 2013  | PRIVACY POLICY

FoilFlex Products Inc. © 2013  | PRIVACY POLICY

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Competitive unit prices, Flexible volume discount pricing,

Flat rate plate charge, Quick turn around, Superior customer service. 

Booklet, 540 degree wrap, multi-layered; expanded content labels increase the real estate on your packaging without the addition of multiple labels, larger bottles or reading glasses.  


FoilFlex 540 label is a standard label that wraps one and a half times around your bottle.  it doubles the real estate of a standard single wrap label.


Multi-layered labels can be created with two, three or four pages of content in the same space as a single prime label.


Booklet labels give the most space for instructions, multiple languages, coupons and more, all in the space of a single label. 

Expanded Content Labels

Industries That Can Benefit from Printed Blister Foil


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